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100 Days of Code

I’ve joined the #100DaysOfCode Challenge. Over Christmas I decided to focus in Q1 2017 on completing Udacity’s Full-Stack Nanodegree. As part of this, a complementary objective is I want to really get to grips with Python.

When I read about the #100DaysOfCode challenge I thought it was an ideal way of holding myself accountable for my Q1 objectives. It will reinforce the habit of coding every day and helping to learn Python. I also hope to get involved in and contribute to the programming community and make some friends along the way.

tl;dr #

Q1 2017 Objectives:

  1. Complete Udacity Full-Stack Nanodegree
  2. Continue to learn the Python programming language
  3. Complete the #100DaysOfCode challenge*
  4. Contribute to the programming community
  5. Build some sh*t

(*Well, 87 days actually but I can complete the challenge in April.)

Follow Me #

My log recording each day’s progress is on Github.