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Why I'm blogging again

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First, some context. I have blogged before. For several years I blogged on cycling (road, mountain biking, and as a means of simply getting from A to B).

I stopped it in the end because it was very time consuming. Not just the writing but the maintenance of my self-hosted WordPress site.

I vowed when I quit, no more blogging.

So why start again?

My reasons to blog #

  • Learning - to summarise this excellent blogpost, “writing is thinking. There is no more thorough way to understand than to explain in writing.”
  • Open source - by sharing my learning and technical knowledge to the public (sounds grand, I’m under no illusions I am likely to be the only person who will probably read this) it forces me to really learn, it may help others, and I can start the journey of becoming known in the open source community
  • Project - building my own site (more on this in another post), I can take on a technical project and learn by doing
  • Community - again without any illusions of grandeur, if one blogpost helps just one person then I am playing a part in the community of helping others learn to code